Home of the Brave offers America's combat veterans and their families a getaway where they can spend quality time together reconnecting with each other.

After serving overseas for months, service members are often thrust back into the hectic schedule of a life that continued in their absence. It is our hope that by providing a place for families to relax and have fun while getting to know each other again, the post-deployment transition can be eased.

For our wounded warriors - they and their loved ones can become so engrossed in physical recovery that caring for themselves mentally and emotionally is often overlooked. However, even a few days away from the daily appointments and therapy sessions can enable families to return rested and reenergized.

Home of the Brave is located on a quiet country road on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The house is centrally located just 25 minutes from the beaches of Ocean City, MD, the ponies of Assateague Island and many other attractions. From the back deck of the home, the view includes beautiful trees and farmland, occasional bald eagles and wild turkeys, as well as the numerous deer that feast upon the farmer's crops. The evening's serenity is disturbed only by the chorus of frogs from the nearby river. Whether vacationing for a few days or a week, families can renew relationships while taking advantage of the nearby activities or just spending quiet time together at The Home of the Brave.

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